How to Wipe a Rust Server 2021

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How to Wipe a Rust Server 2021

Running a server is a lot of work, especially when it comes to maintenance. There are many things you need to keep up on, but one thing that can be hard is keeping your hard drive clean. To make the process easier, you can use certain tools to wipe your hard drive clean.

Why Wipe My Rust Server?

A server’s hard drive has all sorts of files that are no longer needed or still in use by the system. For example, old logs and temp files are usually stored on the hard drive. As time goes by, these old files will start to take up more space on the hard drive causing issues with running programs properly.

To prevent this problem from happening, you should wipe your server’s hard drive periodically.

Server Wipes – How to Wipe a Rust Server Safely:

Server wipes are a common occurrence in Rust, the purpose of these wipes is to keep the servers from getting overcrowded and also to clear the clutter from the maps. Things like buildings, equipment and vehicles that are created by the players can cause gameplay issues if they are not removed periodically.

“Forced Wipes” occur once every month and these apply to all servers. It is also possible for server owners to wipe their own servers at will, in this article we will discuss what kind of wipes you can do as a server owner and how you can perform them.

There are three kinds of server wipes that you can do for Rust. First is the player data wipe, second is the world data wipe and the third is the full server wipe, which is a combination of both.

As suggested in the name, Player data wipes only remove the player data that is stored on the servers. Things like blueprints, inventories, and positions.

World data wipes reset player made buildings and resources. They also commonly change the server’s seed. And when you combine both of these wipes then you have a full server wipe.

Now that we know the types of server wipes, let’s take a look at how we can perform them.

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How to Wipe a Rust Server:

The process for a server wipe is fairly straightforward, but depending on where you host your server there might be small differences.

We will be teaching you How to Wipe a Rust Server if you are using HostHavoc, mTxServ or Nodecraft. It is important to remember that you should stop your server before you wipe it.

HostHavoc Server Wipe

Start by logging into your game control panel and view your game service.

Now you should stop the Rust server and open the file manager, after the file manager is open just navigate to the folder: server/my_server_identity/.

Player data wipe: The server files are located in that folder. In order to only delete player data, you should delete the Storage.db and UserPersistence.db files.

World data wipe: If you want to delete world data only then you should open: server/my_server_identity/save. From here you will delete the saved map folders.

Full wipe: And for a full server wipe, just perform both the above-mentioned steps and you will be good to go.

mTxServ Server Wipe

Remember to use the FTP access that comes with your server to delete the files.

Player data wipe: Open: rust/server/mtxserv and delete the files ending with “.db” and a file named “player.blueprintsXX.db”. 

After these files are deleted just restart your server and the player wipe is done.

World data wipe: Open: rust/server/mtxserv and proceed to delete the files that end with the “.map” extension. 

Now you can restart the server and the world data wipe is done.

Full wipe: Combine the steps mentioned above and restart the server. 

Nodecraft Server Wipe

Open the “/server/default” folder and select the File Manager on the left side of your screen. Here you will see different kinds of files.

Player data wipe: Delete the files ending with the “.db” extension.

World data wipe: Delete “.map” and “.sav” files. 

Full wipe: Combine both steps.


The steps for conducting a server wipe are quite similar across the different hosting services only with minor differences. 

Just keep in mind that you need to know what kind of wipe you want to do and follow the steps we have laid out for each service. 

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