How to Ship a Graphics Card Safely

How to Ship a Graphics Card Safely
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How to Ship a Graphics Card Safely

Your graphics card, like all computer components, is a very sensitive piece of equipment. It can be easily damaged in transit, in order to protect your GPU, it is important that you choose the right packaging.

How To Ship A Graphics Card: Tips to Ensure Safe Delivery

It can be a daunting task to ship your graphics card. But, don’t fear! This article will give you all the tips and tricks you need to make sure your graphics card arrives safely. Shipping a computer component may seem like a complicated endeavor, but with these steps it will be easy. This article should serve as a friendly guide about How to Ship a Graphics Card from retailer to destination.

The best packaging you can have for safe shipping is the one that your card came in. The companies that make these cards have to ship them to retail stores, so they design their packages in a way that is ideal for shipping.

However, most people don’t have their original packaging laying around. If that the case for you then you shouldn’t worry, as you can still ship your card safely by using the methods we have listed below.

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How to Ship a Graphics Card Safely

Cover Your GPU

This is an important step; you should never ship a GPU or any PC component for that matter without insulating it. A component that is not insulated can build up a static charge and short itself during transit.

There are two methods of doing this.

1. Using an Anti-Static Bag

This is the most reliable solution, as all companies ship their GPUs with an antistatic bag covering them. These anti-static bags prevent any static charge from building up on the device.

2. Using a Sheet of Paper

Now, if you don’t have an anti-static bag then you can still protect your GPU by using paper.

Just take a large sheet of paper like a newspaper and use it to cover your GPU, make sure that no parts of the GPU are sticking out. We need to insulate it completely, so it does not build any static charge.

Once the card is completely covered it can be put into a box for shipping.

Use a Large Cardboard Box

Now that your graphics card is properly insulated you will need to enclose it in a box that can be shipped.

You need to use a box that leaves at least 2 inches of empty space on all sides of the GPU. This extra space will be filled up with cushioning materials so that your GPU itself never has to absorb any impact.

It is very easy to make this cushioning material yourself. Take a sheet of paper and crumple it in a large ball.

You need to make sure that the cushioning material has air in between each layer, this will be useful for absorbing impact. You need to place this cushioning material on all sides of the GPU.
Once all the cushioning is placed and the graphics card is secure you can now seal the cardboard box and ship it.


Shipping electronic components can be very risky if you do not have the right packaging, but luckily there are many everyday materials we have at home that we can use to protect our electronics.

By using common paper sheets like those of a newspaper we can make great packaging that protects our expensive components.

The tips provided in this article about how to ship a graphics card, are easy to implement and will make sure that your electronics are protected while in transit.

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