How to Get Smooth Lines in SAI – Paint Tool

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How to Get Smooth Lines in SAI – Paint Tool

Paint Tool SAI is a lightweight painting software that is used by many artists worldwide, this is thanks to its modern features such as pressure detection for stylus users and its simple but intuitive UI. The application has everything you need to create beautiful artwork, from animation, to digital painting, and even web design.

Some people find it difficult to draw straight lines on this software, this can be due to many reasons as we will explain below about how to get smooth lines in sai.

How to Get Smooth Lines in SAI

As a beginner, it can be quite complicated to understand all the different settings of this software. But we have explained in this article how you can get crisp and smooth lines just by tweaking a few settings.

These changes are quite simple so it will be very easy for you to follow along and try them out for yourself.

Drawing with Paint Tool SAI is a lot of fun, especially when you get the hang of it. You can draw with different pen sizes, choose from a variety of brush tips, and create smooth lines with the right technique. But what if your line is too jagged? It might be hard to tell where one stroke begins and another ends! To create clean, smooth lines in Paint Tool SAI, follow these five easy steps below.

How to Draw a Smooth Line in Paint Tool SAI

Here are a few things you can changeup to draw much smoother lines.

1. Your Canvas Size

The first thing you should do is to change your canvas size, if your canvas is too small then it will make your lines look bigger as compared to the background.

This makes them look pixelated, just increase your canvas size according to your display’s resolution and you will see better results.

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2. Smoothing

This setting determines how smooth your lines turn out; higher values mean more smoothness. So naturally, if you want smooth lines, you should set a high value for this setting.

This setting will appear on the top bar of your window as “Stabilizer”.

Try setting your smoothing to 15 and see what result you get; the lines should be smoother now than if you were using a smaller value before. Keep in mind that changing the value from the top bar will apply to all tools.

You can also individually set the smoothing for each tool by double-clicking on it and changing the stabilizer value from there.

3. Your Tool

The tool you are using is also very important for getting a smooth line, most people recommend using the ink pen for better results.

However, you should also experiment with different tools to see which one suits your drawing the best and stick with it.

4. Sensitivity

This one only applies to tablet users, remember that the harder you press on your screen the thicker the line will be.
You should only apply light pressure to your screen while drawing a smooth line.

5. Speed

Speed is also an important factor in this regard, try to make faster strokes while drawing lines. Drawing slowly can be a little rough because our hands are not very stable.

A faster stroke ensures that your hand moves linearly and does not introduce any unwanted roughness in your line.


You should first try changing your tool and making faster strokes to see if there is any improvement. If the lines are still rough, then you can try changing the other settings we have mentioned to achieve your desired result.

These are all the things you can use to make your lines smoother on SAI, try out these tips and see how much better your lines end up.

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