How to Beat a Radon Test – 3 Ways That Actually Work

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How to Beat a Radon Test – 3 Ways That Actually Work

Radon is a harmful gas that is colorless and odorless. Usually, it comes from the soil from where it seeps through the foundation of your house. As a result, the Radon levels in your basement and lesser ventilated areas are generally higher.

Radon can be present in any building you live or work in, including inside cars and trucks. Learn how to beat a radon test with these helpful tips!

We as humans cannot sense its presence, so the only way to test for it is through a Radon test.

How to Beat a Home Inspection Radon Test

The upper limit for Radon concentration is 4pCi/l, known as the “Action Level.” This means that if the Radon levels in your house are found to be at or above 4pCi/l, then you must make some changes to reduce its concentration.

The Importance of a Radon Test: The Costly, Deadly Risks of Radon

Radon is known to cause cancer in humans and is a Class A carcinogen. So, it is very important that you keep the Radon levels low in your house.

Potential buyers will always prefer to get a Radon test before moving into a new home.

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How to Beat a Radon Test?

Now that we know what the test is and why it is conducted, we can discuss methods to pass the Radon test.

Ventilate Your Home:

This is the easiest thing you can do. Just make sure that you ventilate your house properly by opening the windows and letting the outside air get in.

Radon builds up in your house as it has no place to go. By increasing airflow, you let that excess Radon escape from your house, thus reducing its concentration.

Pay attention to the basement:

The basement is the most common place to have high Radon. It is recommended to take some few steps in order to reduce the Radon concentration in the basement. These are:

  1. Restrict any kind of water vapor formation.
  2. Avoid any ground contact, or contact with the soil.
  3. Improve ventilation in the basement with a fan or ventilator
  4. Create an exit through floor drains
  5. Ventilate the basement more often

Using Professional Services:

The methods we have mentioned above are only temporary solutions and work if the Radon build-up was due to lack of airflow.

If there is still a high concentration of Radon in your house after trying these methods, you must hire professionals to fix the root cause.


Radon is a deadly gas that seeps into homes from the soil. Thus it is mostly concentrated in the basement and other poorly ventilated areas.

If your house has not been ventilated in a while, then the chances are that the concentration of Radon in your house is abnormally high.

You can reduce Radon concentration by ensuring proper ventilation of your house, but if the gas builds up again, then you must hire professionals to fix the root cause.

Important: You should never try to cheat on a Radon test. If the results are found to be fake, then you will be liable for damages, even years after selling your house.

These tests are conducted by professionals, and they can easily discover tampering. So, if you have failed the test, then you should fix the root cause of the issue.

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