How to Add a Next Page Button on Tumblr

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How to Add a Next Page Button on Tumblr

Tumblr is a blogging and social media site that lets you share and create content. As of right now, Tumblr doesn’t have a next page button. This can be frustrating if you want to add more than 10 posts. Luckily, there are some ways to get around this problem. In this article we’ll learn, How to Add a Next Page Button on Tumblr.

How to Add a Next Page Button on Tumblr

One way is to use “next page” button on your screen keyboard. You might also want to download the browser extension “Page Next Button for Tumblr” or “Next Page Button for Tumblr.” With these extensions, you can automatically add a next page button on your blogs.

Tumblr by default has enabled endless scrolling for their interface. This means that the content you see on Tumblr keeps loading infinitely as you scroll down. There are some drawbacks to this design as we will explain below, these drawbacks can be avoided by just switching to a page layout.

An endless scroll layout can cause longer loading times for some devices, so changing the layout to a page interface can improve usability.

Infinite scrolling is also quite addicting, if you find yourself wasting too much time on Tumblr and wish to change that, then one of the best things you can do is to switch to a page layout.

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The reason for this is quite simple, endless scrolling makes it way easier to constantly load more content on your screen and your body starts to do it automatically. When you switch to a page layout, things change up a bit.

Now, you must make a decision to load more content every time you reach the end of the page. Which means that you have the chance to move away from the social media platform every time you decide to load the next page.

Regardless of why you want to change your layout, we have a simple 4 step guide in which we show you exactly how you can add a next page button.

How to Add a Next Page Button on Tumblr – A Step by Step Guide:

Step 1:

Open Tumblr and navigate to your menu. You can find it on the top right of your screen, for your convenience we have highlighted it in the red box. Click on the character icon and the menu bar will open up.

Step 2:

After you have opened the menu bar, you will have to click on the “settings” button.

This will open a new page, from here you can change your e-mail, password and other details. To add a next page button to Tumblr, you will have to navigate to your dashboard.

It is on the top right of your screen; we have highlighted it in red for your convenience.

Step 3:

The dashboard allows you to change your Tumblr appearance. You can change your preferences, text editor and enable or disable notification sounds.

In our case, we are concerned with the “Interface option”. From here you can enable or disable endless scrolling by simply clicking on the button. When you disable this option, you only see a set amount of content per page and when you’re at the bottom of the page you have options to move to the next page.

Step 4:

Just click on the button in order to disable endless scrolling.

Congratulations! You are now done, if you navigate back to your homepage and scroll to the bottom you will see a button like this. Clicking on which will take you to the next page where you can see more content.

You can also move to the previous page by just clicking the “Previous” button.

You are now all set to enjoy your Tumblr experience the way you like it. We hope this guide was helpful to you.


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