Better Website Performance- Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in Malaysia

Dedicated Server in Malaysia

Better Website Performance- Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in Malaysia

Dedicated Server in Malaysia


We are going to discuss a Dedicated server in Malaysia. If you are looking for better website performance and have done with Shared hostings, this is the right time to choose a dedicated server for your Malaysia-based website. Dedicated server hosting Malaysia will boost your website to the next level.

Shared and VPS Hostings have their worth. But when it comes to the fastest network uptime, greater security, and more flexibility, the Dedicated Server in Malaysia as the best option. Dedicated Server is all devoted to your website.

Read to find out about how a dedicated server gives better performance.

How Is Malaysia Dedicated Server Better Than Shared Hostings?

As we know, there are other shared web hostings other than dedicated servers. Firstly, as the name says, these shared hostings have shared features within the Server among multiple websites. Because of the shared services they give, multiple issues arise on our website. This makes Malaysia Dedicated Servers perfectly fitted or websites that get a ton of web traffic or for gamers as they can’t stand to encounter slacks.

Some of The Disadvantages of Shared Hostings:

Now, We will discuss the top disadvantages of shared hostings. Then you will understand it.

Limited Resources

As we all know, dedicated Server serves the best-dedicated resources to its users. But Shared Hostings are quite limited to give more resource limits. They have multiple websites under one Server, so all the resources are distributed among the other websites. There is no option to buy more limits.


One of the most popular complaints that we hear is that their sites feel drowsy, and generally, they fault their site for it. But the main problem is the Server. Because of the limited options in shared Hostings, your website failed to perform well with full potentiality. But with Dedicated Server you will not feel anything like this. Malaysia Dedicated Server will help your website to perform constantly with additional limits.

Security issues

This is the prime issue of having shared Hosting. Multiple websites are connected with a single server. So there is a higher possibility that any adult website or other maleficent website is there. It will affect your website very badly, and you will experience more malware attacks and viruses.

Limitation on application installment

Shared Hostings offer limited software or applications that you can install on your web hosting server. If you want to install good security software or any other program, then you do not have any right.

Limited Root Access

As we know, that Dedicated Server serves the full root access to the user. However, when we talk about shared Hosting, we are out of luck. As your site propagates, you will require more access to customize or program software to your Server. But there will be no choice. You only get limited access to limited features.

Therefore, We have discussed most of the disadvantages of shared hostings. Now we will talk more about Dedicated Server and the best provider of Dedicated Server in Malaysia province.

Best Dedicated Server Provider in Malaysia: Serverwala

Dedicated Server in Malaysia

Server Wala is one of the leading web hostings contributors. It assembles planning to outfit the variety of administrations on your reasonable financial plan to expand your business. With a wide scope of dependable and adaptable administrations, Serverwala is just the one that gives advantages of implicating limitless maneuver for your business web hosting.

It is advised to start your blog site or business site with small web hostings like shared or VPS Hosting. Later, when your business grows, you can easily transfer your website to Malaysia Dedicated Server. Server Wala will help you set up the Server and help you to install all the required applications and software on your Server. Server Wala provides enhanced features of Dedicated Server

Features of Dedicated Server Malaysia with Benefits

Augment Security

As I discussed a little bit about the security earlier in a dedicated server. Server Wala gives the enhanced option to boost your security to protect your site from external attacks. Server Wala offers the best security software service to its users. You can even change this if you want to install other software. Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in Malaysia provides the best security feature in the market.

SSH Root Access

Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server Malaysia presents complete root access or control to configure the Server. As you’ll be the only sole user of the Server, you will have complete access to your Dedicated Server for your Malaysia Business.

Standard Management

As Serverwala represents complete root access to its customers, you can easily manage the Server. They will help you to solve the difficulties that you are facing. With Dedicated Server you will have the option to control the website with two control panel options. One is Cpanel, and another is Plesk. You can pick whichever you want to choose. It’s very easy to manage functions with these control panels.

Solitary IP Address

A Dedicated Server in Malaysia renders two IP address options to its users. Users have the choice to choose between IP4 and IP6. You can even have both IPs. If you require buying more IPs for your business, you can also get them at an additional price with Serverwala.

Plans Dedicated Server Hosting Malaysia

As a great supplier of dedicated server hosting malaysia, Serverwala comes up with various plans for its customers. You can buy its Best Dedicated Server Malaysia services at minimum cost than other web hosting companies. Their Cheap Dedicated Server Malaysia package starts with $350 to $680 for a month. So, It has different CPUs and bandwidths with 16-32 GBPS RAM.

Dedicated Server in Malaysia


As the best web hosting provider, Serverwala takes your business to the next level or offers to take your business to the most elevated pinnacle of success. Therefore, everyone needs to understand that for a good business, you should choose a good hosting provider as we described malaysia dedicated server hosting. By investing in Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in Malaysia, Your will experience great revenues with fewer maintenance expenses. For more guidance, get in touch with Serverwala on their website. I have put the link in the article; you can go through the plans and benefits.



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